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Whether you work with the world’s leading athletes, or a high school sports team, the challenges for coaches on a daily basis are very similar. We all know performance testing is an important part of every program, but who has the time to do it? We all want our athletes to give 200% effort on every training drill, but how do we motivate them? We all want fun and challenging drills that our athletes enjoy, but innovating is difficult when we are so busy. We all want to be confident that the feedback we give our athletes is of the best standard possible, but how can we be sure?

Athlete Performance Testing (APT) provides affordable scientifically accurate speed and reactive performance testing for male and female athletes in all sports, to enable them to obtain verifiable and reliable performance data for purposes of enhanced performance and effective self-marketing to coaches.

APT is committed to providing unparalleled performance evaluation for athletes of all levels while providing a platform to provide educational and training opportunities to help increase understanding and performance in all aspects of athletic and academic performance.

Testing is conducted utilizing the Athletic Performance Training and Testing System for measuring critical aspects in sports performance, talent identification, and research and teaching. The Athletic Performance Training and Testing System include wireless solutions for reactive speed training, jump training, testing automation, and video integration. It is this high end equipment that separates APT services from those of the competition – most current testing services offer antiquated non-scientific testing methods in which the variables damage the credibility of the results. Additionally, this equipment offers testing in a wide range of sport-specific tests offering coaches verified results in a myriad of tests.

The Athletic Performance Training and Testing System has been designed to meet the needs and wants of coaches in all sports, at all levels. The system can be used to train and assess critical aspects of sports performance - speed, endurance, race-pacing, reaction time and decision making. It gives coaches greater control over the training environment, and provides a new world of challenges and feedback for athletes.

Athletes can not only obtain verifiable and reliable performance data in a variety of speed and reactive tests, but can also obtain video of the testing, as well as workout protocols and evaluations to enhance performance.


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