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VIDEO OPTION: At all APT Events participants will be offered the opportunity to purchase video files of their performance in specific drills. Videos will be labeled with the athlete’s name and will include split times and final time for the selected drills. These videos can be uploaded to the APT Game Improvement Center for those athletes wishing to have their performance analyzed online by our team of experts.






“In all of the tests I have conducted in my 15 years as a sports performance researcher and practitioner, the APT System is by far the most accurate and versatile testing and measurement system I have seen. It also is a valuable training tool, providing cutting edge protocols to enhance performance.”




APT can tailor a testing and analytical program to help you assess your athletes, as well as to provide the tools to help them reach their full potential. Our programs can range from simple performance testing, to advanced drills applicable to all sports, to sport specific and position drills, and even full blown testing and educational events – or any combination thereof. Athletes can obtain video of their performance in selected drills during these sessions for use in evaluation and/or recruiting. Going the next step, athletes can have this video (or any other video) analyzed online by a national roster of coaches, athletes, and experts ranging from local coaches to celebrated professionals. No matter what you need, APT has an affordable program for you.


Sport Specific Testing
Reactive and Decision Making Testing Specific to Sport and Position:
-Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, Ice Hockey, etc.
Advanced Drills
Reactive and Decision Making Drills Relevant to All Sports:
-Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, Ice Hockey, etc.
APT Camp
-Classroom Sessions
-Small group testing with college coaches
-Speed Clinic
-Expandable Combine Testing
-Includes Product Samples


Basic Combine Testing
Testing Includes:
-40 Yard Dash
-Pro Agility Drill
-"L" Drill
-Vertical Jump
Online Performance Analysis and Tips
-Game Improvement Center
-Expert Evaluation
-Special rates on a variety of products and services...
Performance Enhancement Tutorials
- Videos of drills to improve performance
-Expert instructions by Karl Frank M.S, CEAS