Athletic Performance Training & Testing System

Athletic Performance Testing Speed Testing
The APT Speed System is the industry’s most advanced Reactive Training, Coaching and Testing System. Unlike typical measurement only sports technology, the APT Speed System actually enhances your training, testing or research environments on a daily basis. From basic wireless timing to advanced tactical drills involving 30-40 athletes, the APT Speed System is limited only by your imagination.

APT’s reactive light technology is unique in the marketplace. The system can be used to train and assess critical aspects of sports performance in all land-based sports - speed, endurance, race-pacing, reaction time and decision making. It gives coaches greater control over the training environment, and provides a new world of challenges and feedback for athletes. Every session with the APT Speed System is timed automatically, giving coaches instant performance indicators and the power to motivate.

The APT Speed System provides a wide range of training and testing protocols. By adding stimuli to test decision making, reaction time and peripheral vision, training drills can provide a physical and mental overload greater than in a game!

• Speed and agility training, conditioning games, skill development drills
• Pacing system and aerobic fitness testing (VO2max, Anaerobic Threshold, Beep Tests, Fartlek Training, Simulations)
• Interval training capabilities adds variety to sessions
• Multi-player teamwork drills
• Offensive and defensive game simulations
• Suitable for athletes of all ages and abilities

Designed by leading sports scientists and engineers, the APT Speed System software educates and aids professional, reliable fitness testing and training.

Pocket PC software provides users with:

• No More writing down results - All data is automatically saved for every repetition for export to Excel or other databases
• Accurate and Reliable Timing to within .01 Seconds
• Error Correction Processing eliminates false starts - demonstrated by independent Institute research to have unmatched measurement reliability


Athletic Performance Testing Jump Tests
The APT Jump System will add another dimension to your power testing and training capabilities.

Vertical jump testing remains one of the most widely use methods for testing and training power and strength in a wide range of sports. The APT Jump System allows you to test power on all jumping exercises, simply and quickly. Every jump is individually measured and a range of variables generated automatically.

• contact time, flight time, Reactive Strength Index (RSI) average power and impulse (net)
• use power measurements to monitor recovery, training response and power gains
• objectively determine ideal loads for drop jumping and weighted jumping
• map power vs. resistance relationships for individual athletes
• wealth of research possibilities

The APT Jump System provides quality control for every session.

Can you tell the difference between a good foot contact and a poor one? With a difference of milliseconds between good and bad foot contact times, controlling the quality of power training is almost impossible. Just switch on real time feedback mode and the APT Jump System gives immediate feedback to you and your athletes on every jump. Simply program a goal contact time or jump height, and the APT Jump System displays the result of every jump, as it happens (green = goal achieved, red = not achieved).

• standing countermovement jumps
• drop jump and depth jumps
• single or multiple response jumps
• medicine ball power exercise and more


Athletic Performance Testing SHOXX System
Athletic Performance Testing’s commitment to integration and innovation continues with the addition of the APT-SHOXX impact trigger sensor. Simply connect APT-SHOXX to the APT Speed System remote unit, and expand your potential for training and testing in a wide variety of applications.

APT-SHOXX allows you to substitute the usual photocell sensor method with objects such as targets, boards and other equipment. Simply attach the sensor to an object, and use it in all of your favorite APT Speed System protocols. When the object moves or vibrates over a set threshold, the connected remote unit registers a time event.

The applications of APT-SHOXX are limitless:

• Ball sports - create targets for throwing, kicking, tackling or shooting in sports such as football, basketball, baseball, handball, hockey, tennis and golf - test accuracy and ball speed with millisecond precision
• Baseball – attach a sensor to a batting “t” to get a precise measurement of the run time from impact to first base
• Integrate skills into all of the APT Speed System’s reactive training and testing protocols to create highly sport specific protocols
• Boxing and martial arts - reactive fighting drills and endurance and speed training/testing
• Integrate other devices such as ball machines in tennis, baseball and softball


Athletic Performance Testing VIDEO CAPTURE
The key to a complete training and testing system is to ensure the technology is simple, effective and integrates with other technologies to give coaches a ‘one-stop’ solution. Athletic Performance Testing’s Video Capture provides this integration taking training, testing, and research to the next level offering a completely integrated video capture of each testing measurement in collaboration with the world’s leading video enrichment software, DartfishTM. The perfect combination of qualitative and quantitative data – fully automated.

Here’s how it works…

A wireless USB hub communicates with the APT Speed & Jump System and passes important messages and data through to PC software applications. Using APT’s Video Capture software, the system fully automates the capture of a video clip for each test, and overlays the results on the clip. Every video clip is automatically branded with the athlete’s name, protocol name, and split and total times. When used with APT’s Jump System, Video Capture displays not only the key data, but even the feedback light color given.

APT Video Capture Benefits:

• Much more powerful than timing or jump data alone
• Powerful information sharing between coaches and athletes
• Biomechanical/technique analysis
• Ideal for teaching and research


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