Basic Combine Testing

Our Basic Combine Testing offers unparalleled accuracy in measuring the four drills most commonly conducted in a traditional combine. This provides reliable data that benefits both you and your athletes – enhanced quantification of training benefits, verifiable data to provide college and professional coaches and scouts, and increased motivation in both training and competition. The RFID technology of the APT System allows us to test over 100 athletes in slightly over one hour. The basic combine packages includes:
40 Yard Dash: Measure speed in the 40 with the added benefit of split times and reactive time to an auditory or visual start signal. Accurate measurements to within .001 seconds, with the ability to test 6 or more athletes in less than one minute.
Pro Agility Drill: Measure the agility of your athletes in a 5 – 10 – 5 change of direction drill designed to quantify the speed in change of direction.
“L” Drill: Measure the ability of an athlete to change directions in linear, circular and right-angle movements.
Vertical Jump: Measure the jumping ability of athletes based on the APT technology of calculating flight time.
VIDEO OPTION: At all APT Events participants will be offered the opportunity to purchase video files of their performance in specific drills. Videos will be labeled with the athlete’s name and will include split times and final times for the selected drills. These videos can be uploaded to the APT Game Improvement Center for those athletes wishing to have their performance analyzed online by our team of experts.

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