Advanced Drills

In addition to basic combine drills, APT can provide reactive and decision making tests designed to improve training techniques and performance in drills that are relevant to all sports. These drills can improve reactive time, peripheral vision, decision making, and much more. Some examples of our Targeted Testing Drills are:
Reaction Speed with Passing Drill:
Reaction Speed with Passing Drill: Three players in a four gate grid in a drill designed to test reactive time and passing accuracy.
1 Versus 1 Reactive Evasive Drill: This drill teaches the critical skill of evasion and challenges both offensive and defensive players to react under pressure. The offensive player must look forward and react while evading the defensive player, and the defensive player must react purely to the offensive player, as the lights are positioned behind the defense and therefore not visible.
Reverse to Forward Cut Drill: This drill teaches change of direction, reaction, and acceleration.
Back Cut Peripheral Vision Drill: Players are challenged to react to a visual signal in their peripheral vision for reactive time, change of direction, decision making, and acceleration.
Reaction Time Cut Drill: This protocol is design to test an athlete’s ability to react and cut left or right at various angles in response to a stimulus. The athlete’s reaction time, turning time and sprint times are measured.
One on One Reactive Cut Drill: In this two player drill, the offensive player reacts to a visual signal to cut right or left, with the defensive player reacting to the movement.
Four gate cutting drill: A single player sprints through gates (with or without ball) and reacts to a cut signal, breaking right or left.

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