Probably more than any other sport, drills for football vary widely from position to position. The APY System offers drills specific to the skill sets to be developed by each position. In addition to the basic combine drills, a standard measuring tool for all football players, APT can offer drills to develop the skills you want developed. Some examples are:
Serpentine Slalom: Measure reaction time and change of direction skills as the player reacts to visual cues around an obstacle. RB, DB, TE, WR.
Four Gate Shotgun Drill: Simulate the four gaps from tackle to tackle, giving RB’s an instant signal to hit the hole. RB, QB, LB, DB.
Run/Throw Reactive Drill: The QB drops back and receives a visual signal whether to run or throw left or right. Gates and shock sensors measure reactive time, pass velocity, and throwing accuracy. QB.
Snap Reactive Drill: A visual stimulus triggers the measurement of the reactive time of linemen to the movement of the ball. OL, DL, TE.
Back Pedal to Forward Sprint: Measure the reactive time for change of direction I response to a visual stimulus. LB, DB.
Basic 4 Gate Grid: This competition drill places two players in a four gate grid, with each player reacting to their specific visual signal. The player breaking the most gates in a specified period of time wins, and returns to the line. Last man standing is the winner. OL, DL, TE, WR, LB, RB, DB, QB.
Dropback Passing Grid: The QB drops back (3 step or 7 step) and reacts to a visual cue simulating an open receiver. Shock sensors measure the reactive time and how quickly the ball arrives.
Pull/Trap Drill: Measures the time for a linemen to go from the stance to the blocking point on a pull or trap. OL, TE.
Sack Drill: A curvilinear sprint off the block to measure the time from the stance to the QB on a 7 step drop. DL, LB, DB.


VIDEO OPTION: At all APT Events participants will be offered the opportunity to purchase video files of their performance in specific drills. Videos will be labeled with the athlete’s name and will include split times and final times for the selected drills. These videos can be uploaded to the APT Game Improvement Center for those athletes wishing to have their performance analyzed online by our team of experts.


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Real time results - Every session with the APT System is measured and timed automatically, giving coaches instant performance indicators and the power to motivate.



UNMATCHED ACCURACY - State of the art equipment measures speed and reactive times to within .001 seconds, surpassing the .25 second margin of error in hand timing.
More than just speed testing - Technology offers not only performance testing, but provides coaches with training protocols designed to improve speed, reactive and cognitive abilities, and overall athlete performance.




Time Saving - Reduces testing and data processing times by 70% - enables APT to test over 100 athletes in slightly over one hour.


No need to for coaches to write down results - Each athlete’s data is saved for all drills and repetitions and coaches are provided with a spread sheet of all results.



Error correction processing - Eliminates hand breaks and false starts - demonstrated by independent institute research to have unmatched measurement reliability.


Motivates athletes - Testing environment shows athletes the benefits of giving 110% effort - even in practice.
Recruiting benefits - Unparalleled testing accuracy provides verifiable data that college and professional  coaches and scouts are looking for.



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